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      People who often pay attention to our website should be familiar with the automatic glue dispenser by now. But there are still many things we need to explore and understand on the auto gluing machine body. Today, the manufacturer of the two-component sealant dispenser in Jinan will talk with you about the unknown small functions of the automatic sealant dispenser.
      First of all, let's talk about the very important functions of the glue dispenser, including the anti dripping function and the anti drying function of the glue gun nozzle.
      Although these two are not obvious, they are basically functional. The system has a timing function. When the objects are coated with glue, if they do not continue to work within the specified time, the glue gun will automatically enter the silicone oil to prevent the glue from drying.
      The auxiliary tool of the glue applicator - the front end of the manipulator is equipped with a detection sensor, which is used to detect the position of the object in the glue applicator. It will automatically compensate and correct the distance between the glue applicator and the workpiece surface, so as to achieve a good effect of glue application. It is no longer necessary for workers to adjust their positions a little bit. They are automatic.
      As for the speed of glue application, all the parameters of the glue application machine we send to manufacturers are preset and can be applied to most manufacturers. However, manufacturers who feel that the speed is not appropriate need not worry. The parameters are variable and can be adjusted by programming software. However, remember that the parameter change setting has a password function. The original intention is to prevent others from changing at will and avoid unnecessary troubles.
      Then come to a function that many people will ignore. When we finish the work, but there is still glue in the hose, what should we do? Don't worry, a separate knob is set on the control operation panel, which is specially used to open and close the gluing valve so as to discharge the glue in the gluing valve and maintain the internal cleanliness of the gluing machine.
      You can see the unknown small functions of the automatic glue dispenser after reading the above contents. If you have any doubts or ideas, you can come to our website at any time http://m.joyeastern.com Consult!


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