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      Due to the physical characteristics of high viscosity of the fluid materials carried in the two-component rubber beater, the corresponding cleaning shall be carried out after each production. What other maintenance work can't be ignored?
      In the process of gluing, if some abnormal signals cause misoperation and failure to move, the emergency stop button can be snapped for processing, or the equipment can be powered on again and then operated. After the new machine runs for a period of time, open the guard board and check whether all fasteners are loose.
      Common soft cloth and neutral detergent can be used to clean up the materials adhered on the workbench to ensure flexible identification of sensors on the body. During the gluing process, do not use your hands or other tools to approach any sensor of the equipment to avoid maloperation.
      If the machine is to be shut down after gluing, it shall be cleaned to prevent the black glue from solidifying in the mixer. It shall not be stopped until the extruded glue is completely white.
      The driving wheel and driven wheel bearings on both sides of the transportation equipment shall be lubricated every 3 months. After each use, remove the residual glue and dust on the machine, keep the conveyor belt and machine surface clean, discharge and clean the colloid in the machine barrel, and store it in a dry and cool environment after air drying.
      The rubber shaft of the glue applicator shall be cleaned regularly to make the rubber shaft sleeve rotate flexibly. If it is not used for a long time, put the two barrels on the machine at the same time and keep them in normal working condition. After the glue coating system of the glue cleaning machine is cleaned, pay attention to close the shut-off valve and maintain the equipment regularly.
      Regular maintenance of the equipment can not only prolong its service life, reduce potential accidents, and improve the working efficiency of the equipment, but also is a way to extend the service life of the glue dispenser. If you have any questions, please come to our website at any time http://m.joyeastern.com Consult!


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