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      1. The two-component glue applicator equipment shall be installed in a dry, dust-free and corrosive gas free environment (this requirement is consistent with other equipment. Of course, if the conditions are not met, at least strive for no corrosive gas. After all, there are wires and pipelines in the equipment, and the corrosion resistance of these accessories is not high).
      2. The indoor temperature should be better controlled on the indoor hard ground of 10 ~ 40 degrees, and the ground should be better leveled. (the ground levelness mentioned here must be very flat. At the beginning of the design, our equipment has taken into account the complexity of the ground, so we have a considerable tolerance for the ground levelness. As long as the range is not increased, it can generally work normally.)
      3. Before installing the two-component glue applicator, we should first check whether there is deformation, damage and fastener looseness caused by transportation and moving. Previously, a customer knocked off a part of the intelligent control system of the equipment in the process of moving the glue applicator, which led to the failure of the equipment to operate normally. Our staff found out the reason after arriving at the site.
      4. Firstly, we can adjust the levelness of the equipment by adjusting the lifting anchor bolts of the equipment according to the actual situation of the ground flatness until the equipment is horizontal and stable. Then connect the wiring according to the diagram and reliably ground, and connect the air source to the air source interface equipped with the machine to ensure no air leakage.
      5. Fill the oil tank with hydraulic oil to the specified position, 46# hydraulic oil (about 50 liters).
      6. Turn on the power and turn it on to see if the device can operate normally.


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