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      Automatic beater and butyl rubber coating machine have a certain shelf life, generally speaking, their shelf life is 10 years.
      Although its shelf life is only 10 years, but because of its different application environment, there may be some problems in the process of operation. Now let's see what problems will appear when using automatic gluing machine.
      1. With the increasing use of automatic gluing machine, the sealing function of this equipment is declining continuously, which will lead to the connection between the internal gas of this equipment and the external atmosphere, and thus the thermal insulation function of this equipment will be greatly reduced. This is a very high presentation frequency problem.
      Secondly, with the decline of the sealing function of the equipment itself, the compressive capacity of the equipment will also show a downward trend. In such a case, once the external pressure is too high, it will be easy to form the coating on its surface falling off, and even sometimes there will be a phenomenon of blasting, resulting in severe casualties.
      Therefore, it is necessary to have a full understanding of its compressive function and compressive strength before installing it. And take some appropriate protective measures in the use of time, which has great benefits for extending the service life.
      Third, the insulation function of the insulation layer will also decline, which is also a common problem.
      The problems that may arise in the application of automatic gluing machine include the above aspects. It can be said that this is also the problem that this industry urgently needs to solve, as long as this ability can better produce.
      以上信息是我們濟南雙組份打膠機整理發布希望對大家有所幫助我們的網站是:http://m.joyeastern.com !
      The above information is our Jinan two-component glue machine collation and release hope to help you all on our website is: http://m.joyeastern.com!


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